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Liezel Mc Duling

Speech-Language Therapy
B Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy (US)
M Early Childhood Intervention (MECI) (UP)
My Approach

1. I aim to follow a family-centered approach, where family members are viewed as partners in the intervention process. The team, therefore, consists of myself, family members, and other professionals, where necessary.

2. Authentic assessments are conducted at the practice, where

  children’s interests and motivations are taken into account and  parents/caregivers are involved  during evaluations.

About me

I am a dedicated, hardworking speech-language therapist. My mission is to create meaningful participation by enhancing communication skills.

Qualifications and courses:

1. B Speech-Language and Hearing Therapy (US)

2. M Early Childhood Intervention (MECI) (UP)

3. PROMPT: Introduction to technique, The PROMPT Institute

4. DIR Floortime, Spotlight SA

5. Basic AAC Training Course, University of Pretoria

6. Tiny Handz Course


Speech-Language Screenings
  • A short assessment to identify children at risk for fallouts in different areas of communication.

  • 15 minutes

  • A formal assessment will be recommended for some children after the screening process.


Speech-Language Assessments
  • A formal, diagnostic assessment

  • 45-60 minutes

  • Feedback as well as a report of the results will be provided after the assessment.



Speech-Language Therapy Sessions
  • 30 minutes per session

  • Based on the child's needs, the following areas can be targeted:

  1. Pronunciation of sounds​

  2. Language Skills

  3. Fluency

  4. Literacy Skills

  5. Auditory Processing

  6. Story telling


Home Programs
  • A home program will be provided after each session.

  • It is important to work on the goals at home to help with progress and carry-over.

Therapy Sessions

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There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. As you browse this site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.

Ek sal Liezel definitief aanbeveel. Sy doen baie moeite met soveel geduld en laat my dogtertjies so gemaklik voel. Hulle sien elke keer uit om by haar te gaan "speel". Sy gaan uit haar pad uit en ondersteun ons so goed.

Welmarie Stirk

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